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PET-ICU Pet Brooder ICU

PET-ICU Pet Brooder ICU

The Pet-ICU brooder incubator is a temperature-controlled unit that provides a safe and cozy environment for young or sick pets. The ICU is designed to simulate the natural warmth and comfort that young animals experience in their mother's nests. It is ideal for post-surgery recovery and can be used for pets recovering from illness, abandonment or separation from the mother.

Our pet icu incubator is a newly developed pet ICU and young pet incubator, this moderately sized piece of pet medical equipment will easily fit into most veterinarians’ practices and pet hospitals. Its characteristics and compact structural design functions perfectly server its purpose. The mechanism adopts "dual duct and double circulation convective thermal regulation" to create an excellent and bacteria-free therapeutic environment and young pet incubation environment similar to that provided pet parent (accompanied by purified air and proper temperature and humidity control).

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Features Of Pet-ICU Pet Brooder ICU

Pet-ICU Brooder ICU maintains a stable and regulated temperature inside, offering a warm, cozy environment for young or sick animals that require heat therapy.
The temperature-controlled environment of the ICU helps promote post-surgery recovery and aids in the healing process of sick animals. Additionally, it can help stop the occurrence of infectious or viral diseases.
Pet-ICU Brooder ICU is simple to use and easy to clean. Operating instructions are straightforward, and cleaning can be done quickly with mild soaps.
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